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  • Care and recycle e-waste

    If you care for your environment and depleting resources, show your commitment to recycling e-waste. It is our responsibility to convert e-waste to e-best!

  • Share and support sustainability

    Hand over your old electronic devices that are no longer in use to us for formal recycling. The gold, copper, silver, and other metals hidden in that waste after extraction can be reused to support sustainable resources and ecosystems.

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  • Circular economy

    By embracing a circular economy we can together contribute to the nation’s yearly benefits of billions of Rupees and a major decline in greenhouse gas emissions. The circular economy is best for preserving the environment and setting up a reward system to promote the recycling of e-waste.

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Welcome to Hasan Malik Recycling

Hasan Malik Recycling is a cutting-edge recycling unit that specializes in three major sectors of recycling: e-waste recycling, plastic waste recycling, and lithium battery recycling. With state-of-the-art technology and a team of experts, we ensure efficient and sustainable solutions for recycling these materials.

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PRO & EPR Services

PRO Services encompass a comprehensive range of professional solutions. From EPR service material collection to data sanitization, data destruction, and recycling for business, we specialize in IT asset disposition, decommissioning, refining, and recycling for electronics. Our services ensure responsible disposal, compliance with regulations, data security, and environmental sustainability, contributing to the circular economy and a greener future. EPR service material collection: Our EPR service material collection offers efficient and compliant solutions for handling Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) materials. We work closely with businesses to ensure the proper collection, sorting, and transportation of EPR materials for responsible disposal and recycling. By taking care of the logistics and regulatory compliance, we help companies meet their EPR obligations while promoting environmental sustainability.

Data sanitization

Data sanitization is a critical aspect of e-waste management. Our expert team employs industry-leading techniques to thoroughly and securely sanitize data from electronic devices. We utilize advanced software and hardware solutions to ensure that sensitive information is completely erased, protecting our clients' data privacy and mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Data Destruction

When it comes to data destruction, we go above and beyond to provide secure and reliable services. Our advanced data destruction methods guarantee the permanent and irreversible elimination of data from electronic devices. By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and following rigorous protocols, we eliminate any chances of data recovery, ensuring that confidential information remains confidential, even after disposal or recycling.

Our Mission & Vision

Owned and managed by Khalid Malik and Arshad Malik, both industry veterans with extensive expertise in the commercial recycling sector since 2011. As a dynamic partnership, we have emerged as leaders, driven by a shared commitment to collaboration, innovation, and making a positive impact. Our synchronized approach to sustainability empowers us to address collective challenges with utmost effectiveness, amplifying the outcomes of our endeavours. With an unwavering focus on environmental preservation, we strive to revolutionize the recycling industry and foster a greener future.
To accelerate our country's transition to a sustainable future by revolutionizing the recycling industry, fostering innovation, and driving positive environmental impact through our collaborative and harmonized approach. With unwavering dedication, we aim to create lasting change and promote a greener, more sustainable world for generations to come.
Our vision is to be at the forefront of transforming the recycling industry into a circular and sustainable ecosystem. We aspire to excel in innovation, performance, and business integrity, while minimizing the environmental footprint of our operations. By championing sustainability, we aim to set new industry standards and inspire positive change globally.

What We Do

Sustainable handling of e-waste

As an e-waste management company, we specialize in the responsible and sustainable handling of electronic waste. Our comprehensive services include the collection, transportation, and recycling of various electronic devices.

Ensure compliance & less environmental impact

We ensure compliance with environmental regulations and employ advanced recycling techniques to maximize resource recovery while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Create a circular economy

With our expertise, we strive to create a circular economy, reducing electronic waste's harmful effects and promoting the reuse and recycling of valuable materials. Trust us for efficient, secure, and eco-friendly e-waste management solutions.

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Toll Free Number
1800 890 9066
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Toll Free Number
1800 890 9066

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